OsmAnd with WunderLINQ Support Released

OsmAnd with WunderLINQ support has been released into the Android and Apple App Stores.

We've also updated our documentation to include instructions on enabling this feature in OsmAnd

Android Documentation

iOS Documentation

The initial support includes map zooming via the wheel up/down scroll and returning to the WunderLINQ app via the long left press.

WunderLINQ Orders

We've been forming reseller connections to better serve international markets outside of the USA. Reseller demand for the WunderLINQ has far exceeded our initial projections putting a large dent in available stock. Orders via the Black Box Embedded Store for worldwide sales with the exception of Japan and South Africa will begin July 15th at 12:00 Mountain Time. Expected delivery is beginning of August while stock lasts. For Japan and South Africa please use our authorized dealers.


WunderLINQ at the Touratech Rally West 2019

You may have noticed a slower response time from us for the past two weeks, we were traveling to and from the Touratech Rally West to show off the WunderLINQ. The event was a huge success we met a lot of great people. The response was overwhelmingly positive, thanks to everyone who stopped by for a demo and suggested features. Also congratulations to our Touratech Rally raffle winner, Rob Valentine. Rob won a WunderLINQ Commuter edition.

At the Rally, we also debuted a beta of Scenic 2.0 with full WunderLINQ support. Scenic 2.0 features deep WunderLINQ support, we can't wait for you to see it!

Since we rode our bikes to the event, we took the opportunity to test the WunderLINQ over long use. After about 5,500 miles collectively the WunderLINQ performed excellently. A couple of bugs were identified along with a couple of features that came to mind as we were riding.

OsmAnd WunderLINQ Support

Our patches to add WunderLINQ support to OsmAnd have been accepted. The next OsmAnd release for Android and iOS will include WunderLINQ support. This initial support will include the ability to return to the WunderLINQ app and to zoom maps.

WunderLINQ Availability

We know this is the big question on everyone's mind who doesn't have a WunderLINQ :) We are still on track to have them available in a couple of weeks. We'll give everyone a heads up here when they will go live to give you guys first dibs on the stock.